Lottie has been working as a professional certified medium since the mid -90ties. She mediates love, counselling, advices, wisdom, hope and comfort to her clientes in private meetings (live, phone and skype), seances (demonstrations) and Tarot readings. She is working with loved ones from spirit and spiritual beeings such as different kinds of guides, buddhas and angels. Lottie leads meditation groups and teaching students developing their psychic abilities in the school Scandinavian Academy for Inner Potential, where she is the principal. Lottie is also a writer, and write about spiritual things and fenomena and recently published her first novel. Lottie is also a Ph.D in Social science.

Send an e-mail to kontakt@lottiewahlin.se to book a meeting by phone or Skype

Prices: 30 min=55 § or 50 £

              60 min= 100§ 95 £


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